A few notes

Before coming to Sokal, it appears that the Katz family originally came from Mosty Wielkie. At the time, it was typical for a newly-wed groom to move into the home of the parents of the bride, so it is likely that a Katz from Mostly Wielie married a woman from Sokal and this is when the Sokal Katz branch originated.

"Herz Wolf" is a rather uncommon name, but there are several in the Katz family, all related to our Herz Wolf Katz ancestor from Mosty Wielkie. There are more people with the Herz Wolf Katz - some of whom may be related.

According to Ihor Smolskyy, a researcher based in Lviv who looked into the origins of the family 2004, the Katz family would have arrived in in Sokal the beginning of the 19th century, and all Sokal Katzes would descend from the same family.

There are over 40 people named Katz from Sokal who were victims of the Shoah. Because Katz was such a common name, it's impossible to confirm that they were indeed related to our branch, although the family of one "Herz Wolf" most likely were.

This is a very incomplete attempt to create a family tree.

This family history project started September 2009.
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