• Isaac Katz and Zlata Schnee

  • Herz Wolf Katz and Sara Cheine Gruber

  • Leo Katz

    Leo Katz

  • Toni Katz

    Toni Katz

  • Yitzhak Katz

    Yitzhak Katz

  • Aron Katz family

  • H.W. (Bill) Katz

    H.W. ("Bill") Katz

  • Mathis Katz family

  • Mary Katz

  • Max Katz

According to "Mr. Igor" (the researcher hired in 2004), the Katz family would have arrived in the beginning of the 19th century in Sokal, and all Sokal Katzes are descendant from the same family.

This family history project started September 2009.
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