Jossel (Yossef) Meier Datnowsky.

Other spellings: Iosel Meyer, Iosel Meer Datnovsky.

Jossel was the son of Itsko (Itska, Yitzhak) and was born in 1830 in Dotnuva (Datnove), Lithuania, in the Kaunas Gubernia.

Jossel married Sore, and the couple had two sons: Abraham, born in 1849, and Moshe (Moritz), born in 1860.

The couple apparently had at least two more children, who most likely didn't survive as they don't appear on a 1874 list, and no other trace of their existence exists.

Jossel died on March 1, 1910 (20 Adar Alef 5670) and is buried in Libau.

Liepaja Jewish Cemetery Burials 1909-1941
Last Name Given Names Father's Name Death Date
Jewish Date Jewish Year
DATNOWSKY Jossel Meier 1 March, 1910 20 Adar Alef 5670


Datnowsky tombstone, Libau.

Tombstones of Abraham Datnowsky, Sore Datnowsky, Jossel Meier Datnowsky. Libau.


Other spellings: Sora, Sarah.

Sore was born in 1828, and died around 1908. She is buried in Libau.

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