Paternal Grandparents

Nothing is known about Mamo Abraham's family.

According to Sarah Cohen Eldar, the paternal grandparents of Moritz, Haim, Mony and Isak Abraham died in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital.

This constitutes the only information I have regarding the paternal grandparents of the Abraham brothers.

Maternal Grandparents

Moni (Solomon Moshe) Yaakov and Rebecca (née Kovo) Yaakov had five daughters: Mazal, Leah, Rachel, Streah and Horsi, and two sons: Morenu and Yitzhak.

Abraham brothers' grandfather?

Salomon (Moni) Yaakov

April 15 1901

Rebecca (Kovo) Yaakov

Rebecca (Kovo) Yaakov

April 15 1901

Their second daughter, Leah Yaakov married Mamo Abraham (Avrahamov).

Sarah Cohen Eldar

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