Aside from conversations with my parents and original family documents and photos, a number of sources and publications have been used.

Abraham Family

  • Alex Mallat
  • Alex Neuhoff
  • Michael Rosenberg
  • Dr. Gilad Rosenberg
  • Bitia Biesel
Testimonies and documents:
  • The Jewish Community Of Turkey. Genealogical Archives
  • Pablo Martín Asuero, Director I.C. de Damasco. Documents from the Spanish Consulate in Constantinople
  • David Benaim. Documents regarding Uriel's stay in Casablanca during WW2
  • Esther Benbassa, Aron Rodrigues. Juifs des balkans - espaces judeo-iberiques XIVeme - XXeme siecles. Editions la decouverte.
  • Avigdor Levy. Jews, Turks, Ottomans. Syracuse University Press.
  • Chaim U. Lipschitz. Franco, Spain, the Jews, and the Holocaust. Ktav.
  • Robert Satloff Among the Righteous - Lost stories from the Holocaust's long reach into Arab lands. Public Affairs

Haim Abraham / Sara Aaronsohn

Testimonies and original documents:
  • Sarah Cohen Eldar - Personal Journal (unpublished)
  • Beit Aaronsohn archives, Zichron Yaakov. Aaronsohn/Abraham Correspondance
  • Ran Aaronsohn
  • Tsadok Eshel. The Bulgarians of Haifa - The Story of the Bulgarian Jewish Community in Haifa. Association of Beit Haim Abraham Trustees.
  • Roman Sinkovsky. Jüdische turnbewegung - Jewish German gymnastic system in Turkey until 1918 (online, pdf.)
  • Shmuel Katz. The Aaronsohn Saga. Gefen Publishing.
  • Ronal Florence. Lawrence And Aaronsohn. Penguin.
  • Ida Cowen and Irene Gunther. A Spy for Freedom: The Story of Sarah Aaronsohn. Lodestar Books.
  • Devorah Omer. The Gideonites.
  • Anita Engle The Nili Spies.

Datnowsky Family

  • Michael Rosenberg
  • Alex Mallat
  • Bitia Biesel
  • Alex Neuhoff
  • Morris Halle
  • Morris Halle. Morris in Latvia - 1923 -1940. Private publication.
Info and Photos
  • Michael Frumkin, on the origins of the Datnowski family and on Moritz Datnowski's family.

Katz Family

  • Siegmund Spiegel
  • Friedel Katz
  • Eve Katz
  • Alex Neuhoff
Testimonies and documents:
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Survivors Registry
  • Sokal Yizkor book: Sefer Sokal, Tartakow, ... ve-ha-Seviva. Memorial book of Sokal, Tartakow... and surroundings. A. Chomel, Ed. Tel Aviv, 1968
  • H.W. Katz. The Fishmans. Viking Press.
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  • Werner Simsohn. Juden in Gera (I, II) Hartung-Gorre Verlag.
  • Stephen M. Poppel. Zionism in Germany - 1897-1933. The Shaping of a Jewish Identity. The Jewis Publication Society of America.
  • Chaya Brasz. The "Coffin Ship". Vrij Nederland. May 1, 1993.
  • Hilel Yarkony. The Story of the Illegal Immigrant Ship. Translation: Liron Katz
  • Abraham J. Edelheit & Hershel Edelheit. History of the Holocaust - A Handbook and Dictionary. Westview Press.
  • Yitzhak Arad. Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka. Indiana University Press.
  • Sheila Isenberg. A Hero of Our Own: The Story of Varian Fry. Random House.

Tabak Family

Info and Photos:
  • Ruthy Erez

Mallah Family

  • Anne-Marie Rychner-Faraggi. Les Mallah - Une Famille Sepharade de Salonique. Private publication.

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