Bassja Rabinowitz's Parents

Parents of Bassja Rabinovitz

Parents of Bassja Rabinovitz

Yakov and ? Rabinowitz.

Bassja Rabinowitz

Bassja Rabinowitz was the daughter of Yakov Rabinowitz. She married Abraham Datnowsky and was the mother of Bertha, Ronya, Liska (Eva) and Israel Datnowsky.

Bassja Datnowsky

Bassja Datnowsky

She died at an early age of breast cancer around 1909 and is buried in Libau (Liepaja).

More about Bassja in Abraham and Bassja Datnowsky.

Rabinowitz Relatives

Harry Rabinowitz

Harry Rabinowitz

Harry Rabinowitz. Italy, 1959

The following caption was written by my father Uriel next to this photo:

"Harry Rabinovits, relative of Ronya on her mother's side. Jazz pianist in Johannesburg, then for the B.B.C. Lives in England. Came to visit Ronya in Berlin and in Paris."

I contacted Harry Rabinowitz thinking he could provide some information on Ronya's maternal parents and spoke to him in December 2009.

He recognized the picture above and dated it. Unfortunately, he had no recollection of a Ronya Abraham/Datnowsky and had no idea what the family link was. He said he'd never visited Berlin, but did visit Paris in 1937, and recalls spending an afternoon with a woman there, although he couldn't remember the name of this relative.

His father came to South Africa in 1912, from Latvia or Lithuania.

A recent Wikipedia search offers the following info:

Harry Rabinowitz is the son of Israel Rabinowitz and Eva, née Kirkel, and was born March 26, 1916 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He is a conductor and composer of film and television music.

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