The Datnowsky family is originally from Dotnuva (Polish: Datn├│w, Yiddish: Dotneve, German: Dotnau), a small town in the center of Lithuania, 30 miles (50 kms) north of Kaunas (Kovno). In 1897, there were 616 inhabitants, with 233 jews (38%). As of 2003, its population was 775.

The name Datnowsky was apparently adopted around 1875, and the family name was originally Bulan (or Bulon), as evidenced by couple of records referencing both names, a passport certificate (1875), and an internal passport certificate (1874):

BULAN or DATNOVSKY, Meyer Yosel, head of household, from Dotnuva, son of Itsik
BULAN or DATNOVSKY, Sora, wife, cook, from Kaunas

Going back one generation earlier, Itsik BULAN, father of Yosel Meyer, living in Dotnuva, was listed in the tax and voters lists as a flour seller in 1845, a miller in 1848, 1849 and 1850. In the 1855 and 1860 tax lists, his profession was recorded as "dyer", and as a painter in 1858.


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