Current name: Dotnuva. Alternate names: Dotnuva [Lith], Dotnovo [Rus], Datnovo [Rus?], Dotneva [Yid], Dotneve [Yid?] Datnów [Pol], Datnuva, Datnovo, Dotnava, Datneve, Datnove

Dotnuva is a small town in central Lithuania, in the Kaunas Gubernia (county). The Datnowsky family originally came from Dotnuva, and got its name from that town.

The population in 1897 was 616, with 233 Jews (38%).

According to

Around 450 Jews lived (in Dotneve) before WWI, in 1923 there were 204, and before the Holocaust there were around 60. The sources of income included commerce, shopkeeping, tanning, and out of town businesses 2.

According to

Datnove was a rural town in the Keidan district in the middle of Lithuania, 11 km. from the district capital of Keidan on the banks of the small river, the Dotnuvele. [...] Datnove belonged to the district of Vilna and after 1843 to the district of Kovno.

[...] The Jewish community dates from the first half of the 18th century when the Jewish cemetery also served Keidan and towns in the surrounding area like Montevidova and Berzinski.

[...]Nearly all children went to traditional "kheder". The community was known for being traditional. Most Jews engaged in commerce and tanning with some artisans and farmers. The local market day was Tuesday.

[...] 120 Jewish families were sent to the interior of Russia during WWI, but only a few returned after the war. Many emigrated to South Africa and America.

As of 2003, the population of Dotnuva was 775 according to Wikipedia.

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