Sokal Yizkor book
Sefer Sokal, Tartakow, ... ve-ha-Seviva.

Memorial book of Sokal, Tartakow... and surroundings
1968, 576 pp
A. Chomel, Ed., Tel Aviv: For. Res. of Sokal and Surroundings
In Hebrew & Yiddish.
Includes photos

Available in the Library of Bar Ilan University: Memorial book of Sokal

Digital reprint from the Steven Spielberg Digital Yddish Library
Sokal Yizkor book, digital reprint

This book shows up on occasions on dealers’ lists, between $50 and $150.

Liron - Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Visited "bar illan" library. Went over the "Yizkor book of sokal". Unfortunately, there wasn't much for us. Mainly in Yiddish, the parts in Hebrew refer to sokal in a very religious point of view. The interesting parts were concerning the time in which the family was in Gera. found a rumor in one of the Israelis forums over the net that someone translated it to Hebrew. Will try to find out.

1920 Diary
Isaac Babel
New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1995.
This short book includes a couple of pages that describe the arrival of the Red Army in Sokal in August 1920 during the Polish-Russian war, at a time when Frida and Toni were most likely still in town. Gives an idea of what the Jews experienced then (August 25 and 26, 1920)

The Enemy at his Pleasure
A journey through the Jewish Pale of Settlement During World War I
S. Ansky
Contains several descriptions of Sokal during WWI, with mentions of pogrom, and refugees.
Also some more general descriptions of the effect of war, most notably the terror from the Cossacks, on the Jewish population of Galicia

The Fishmans
H.W. Katz
The first novel by Bill Katz, Aron's son. A fictionalized account of Aron's family escape from Galicia. Awarded the Heinrich Heine Prize in 1937.

Book: Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka
The Operation Reinhard Camps
Yitzhak Arad



Juden in Gera I, II, III
Author: Werner Simsohn
Publisher: Hartung-Gorre Verlag Konstanz
(In German)

Stories of Jewish Families
Vol 2, p 107-109: Leo, Aaron and Mathis Katz
p 57-58: Jakob Frankel, Max Frankel

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Database of children who immigrated in the framework of Youth Aliyah, 1933-1936
The CZA received a copy of a computerized database (in English, with dates in Hebrew) of the so-called "German catalogue", that is a card catalogue of about 7000 children who arrived in the early stages of Youth Aliyah.
The contents of the database are open to the general public.
The database is not available to the public for research. Requests for information may be sent by mail, fax or email.
The CZA will be happy to check the "German catalogue" for you. Requests for information may be sent by mail, fax or email.

Youth Aliyah children 1936-1974
For formal certificates and confirmations of participation in Youth Aliyah, the public is referred to the Youth Aliyah Offices located in Jerusalem
The material is at the moment not accessible for genealogical purposes.

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