Very little is known about Mamo and Lea Abraham.

The couple had four children: Haim in 1879, Moshe (Moritz) in 1881, Isak in 1883, and Salomon (Mony) in 1889.

Lea (maiden name: Jakob, or Jacob), the daughter of Salomon (Moni) Jakob, died at a young age from tuberculosis on February 1892, in Ruschuk, Bulgaria.

Her husband Mamo was a merchant who died from the same disease in Ruschuk twenty-one months later, on November 7, 1893.

This is pretty much all the available information, and no photographs or documents seem to exist. Anything else that could be said about them must be extrapolated from their environment.

Like most of the Jews living in Ruschuk, they were almost certainly Sepharad, descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. They most probably spoke Ladino, the language used by the majority of the Ruschuk Jews.

At the time of Mamo's death, the couple's children were aged between four and fourteen. They were then put under the care of Lea's parents, Salomon (Moni) Jakob and Rebecca.

Sarah Cohen Eldar

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