Katzes from Sokal who moved to Germany victims of the Shoah.

Katzes who remained in Sokal victims of the Shoah.

Aside from the known Katz relatives who were murdered in the Shoah, there are numerous Katzes from Sokal who never left and disappeared in the Shoah.

The list below contains 38 names but is most likely incomplete. For example, many female victims may have been remembered under their married names, making the search impossible. Conversely, some of the names, coming from different lists, may be duplicates.

For the names listed below, the family connection is not confirmed. However a genealogical researcher from Lviv claimed that all Katzes in Sokal originally came from a single family. At the very least, it is very likely that the family of Herz Wolf Katz below were indeed relatives - most probably descendants of Herz Wolf Katz (1856-1904).

Sokal Katz Names from the Sokal Yizkor book

From Tartakov, from the Tartakov Yizkor book:

Sokal Katz Names from Yad Vashem

Note: some of these names may be duplicates. I am including them as the Yad Vashem data includes additional information not available in the Yizkor book such as birth dates. I have decided to err on the side of inclusivity at least for now, to ensure I don't leave out any potential relatives.

Victims from Sokal and Tarnow - Other list

The list appears in the Sokal and surroundings Yizkor book, number T-366 in the Yad Vashem Library

Sokal list

List of Jews from Sokal, Tartakow Stojanow Worensz, and the surroundings who perished, 1942-1943

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Sokal Yizkor book

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